The length, the material of production, the color, the presence of additional elements, for example, the lightning factors create a wide range of modern female hoodies, enabling each fashion to choose the most suitable variant for itself.

Thanks to this range it can be difficult to choose just one or two things, because everyone looks original and elegant. But plus is that they are multifunctional, so the same version of the hoodie can fit into several different images. You just have to decide which one to buy.



Women’s hoods are some kind of clothes that recently appeared on hanger and shelves of modern women’s closets, but quickly became popular and loved. The name comes from an English sentence, which is translated as “hood”.

An unusual hooded sweatshirt has fallen in love with many fashion women, and sportswear has become everyday.


Color options

The original version of the street hood appeared in black or dark gray color, duks could wear for a long time, they were almost not dirty and did not get dressed. An exception to this rule were white sweaters, which looked original and almost solemn. But, by developing fashion and popularizing this kind of clothing, various colors touched all the colors of the rainbow.

Sports style with a hood indicates the possibility of even the brightest colors, for example, orange or light green. The only exception for a sweatshirt sweatshirt is a diverse combination of colors, sweatshirts, as a rule, a two-piece sweater.

Length and size of a woman’s hoodie


Unlike most sweatshirts, whose length ends below the banner, hoodies can be of different sizes, up to the variation of the tunic. This feature attracts girls who like to wear ankle and ankle – women’s sweatshirts can be worn at the top – and the elegant picture is ready. Although the separated version does not fit under the skirt, you need a classic length to the waist.

As for size, here girls can go on a trick. Sportswear, as well as things in casual style, can hide the drawbacks of the figures by means of oversized sizes. It’s a free hood, which you get another one or two sizes, creating the appearance that the number below it is much smaller.



These classic types of decoration can be attributed to:

Hood and raised collar-anorak, protection against wind and bad weather;
pocket “kangaroo”, if there is no zipper option;
two large pockets on the jacket side with a buckle;
a rope or attachment for binding to the collar or lower along the lower edge perimeter.
Such elements can complement female beverages together or separately, depending on the style and variation of the warm jacket. Sometimes on the back or front side there is an inscription or logo of the manufacturer.

Crop Hoodie 

Hoodie Bow  $66.00

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