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What we do

While you focus on business,
we operate your transport

Having to deal with logistics is something few business owners dream about. Luckily, we do. To us transport is more than getting things from A to B. It is the lifeblood of industry. Without it the ecosystem would stand still.

That’s why we make it our mission to enhance your performance by operating your recurring flows. We do it with the most efficient vehicles and by streamlining your processes. Real-time visualization and automation let’s us follow the transport and be ready for what’s to come. You could say, we optimize for today and future-proof for tomorrow.

How we work


More value for your money

Born out of Scania, we see your transport as a production line, instead of a logistic flow. By looking at the whole chain we can find key areas of improvement, and design flows that create more efficient and cost effective transport. Always putting safety first! Never ready to settle, we constantly trim your flow to make the overall quality better. More value for less money, to put it simply.


Making Data easy to act upon

If you can't act upon your data, it's useless. Our visual management system lets you and us follow the flow in real time. The algorithm looks at all data points and visualize them in a simple dashboard. It unlocks insights that makes it easier for the team to find better ways to drive. But also to predict what's to come and make smart decisions.


Finding new ways. Together

You are the expert of Your business. We are simply a catalyst for You to advance. That is why We work together with You on site and find opportunities to improve. We also connect all our profits to Your success. We call it risk-profit sharing. It means that when business is good for You, it is also good for us.


Doing good for the greater good

We believe in doing good, which is why are we constantly working to reduce the CO2 emissions in our trucks. We negotiatie better fuel, load smarter and take the best roads. We also take pride in making sure that our chaffeurs have a good working environment. Fair wages, scheduled driving distances and extra cooling systems in hot regions are a few important things.

“I´m from a farming family in this area, but I have driven trucks for 22 years. I love driving and my dream is to be an excellent driver. I chose to work in the Lots operations because they have a good management, reasonable salary, and very good welfare and insurance.”

Wu Wenquan
LOTS contractor in Guangxi, China

Wherever you go, we go with you

Whether you have an existing flow or a greenfield operation, we have you covered. Flexibility is crucial to handle everything from rough weathers to inaccessible roads. To be ready for everything that can happen, we set up regional offices close to your business.


Many mines face challenging times with shrinking margins and increasing demands on delivery and efficiency. We combine a deep understanding of truck operations with experience of lean production systems, making mines run more like a manufacturing industry.

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Wood is perishable. Moisture combined with heat and insect attacks can damage the fibres. Mills run all year but the course of nature creates variations in accessibility to roads and harvesting sites. For a forestry logistics operation, this means that flexibility is essential.

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Standard of roads and availability of fields can differ from one day to another depending on weather and season. But the crop has to reach the factory or storage facility at all times. By connecting all parts of the value chain we can ensure a safe and effective transport.

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We reinvent how industry moves

We live in a world of constant motion. New tools and data provide us with new opportunities. At the same time, the state of our environment urges us to be mindful of its resources.

As the world develops, even heavy industry needs to adapt. Because inefficiency is more than margin. It's a barrier to progress and a roadblock to long-term sustainability.

That’s why we are reinventing how industry moves.

We do it by being transformative, transparent and transnational. A lot of fancy words, but to us it is dead serious. It means we use disruptive technology to continuously improve. It means we see you as a business partner rather than a client. And it means we have a global perspective, but are always locally present.

It means we truly want to change the industry and make it better.

Our Heritage

LOTS is an independent company within the Scania Group. Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles. Their years of experience and financial muscles, make us well-equipped to create a better transport solution for you and the world around us.

Available positions
July 4, 2018

Passionate people – Join us!

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March 7, 2018

Focusing on logistics and sustainability, LOTS gains ground in Latin America

Lots Group is now established in the Latin America region and takes step into the market. The goal is to identify waste in transport flows to reduce environmental impacts and improve customer profitability. Adolpho Bastos, Managing Director for LOTS in Latin America gives his views on the business. Our goal is to address issues that […]

October 6, 2017


TLV (TimmerLogistikVäst) and LOTS will each become stronger when Simon Simonsson, MD of TLV, takes responsibility for Lots Group’s forestry business in Sweden. The additional customers and vehicles from TLV further supports Lots quest for continuous development of methods and tools for optimization within the logistic chain. At Lots Group we are very satisfied that […]

September 19, 2017

Year One with LOTS Group – How did it turn out?

A year goes by quickly. There were a lot of rumors in the beginning about the new actor that nobody had heard of before. Now after spendingone year in timber logistics in middle Sweden the results are starting to show. The customer, Stora Enso benefits from very accurate deliveries and the hauliers are satisfied with […]

August 17, 2017

Lots Group transports timber in China

Lots Group grows its business internationally when adding timber transport to its existing container traffic for Stora Enso, in the south of China. – To establish our methods and systems internationally has been the long term target from the beginning, says Martin Lewerth, CEO at Lots Group. Now we get the possibility to develop, together […]

May 3, 2017

LOTS wins a new contract in Brazil

LOTS Group has made a break through within the sugar cane industry in Brazil. It is a new industry for us but the similarities to the forestry in Sweden are notable, says Martin Lewerth CEO at LOTS group. – LOTS has won a contract to analyze the production flow of sugar cane from harvesting to […]