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Kinesis is a yield-bearing digital currency based on 1:1 allocated physical gold and silver. The vision for Kinesis is to deliver an evolutionary step beyond any monetary and banking system available today.

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WHY KINESIS? Read our documents

What is

A globally accessible, usable and reliable digital currency forming the basis of a new Monetary System

The Kinesis system is an evolutionary step beyond any current monetary system available in the world today. It enhances money as both a store of value and a medium of exchange.

Use is incentivised by attaching a unique multifaceted yield system. This promotes the use of Kinesis as a currency while distributing back the wealth generated according to proportionate holdings and velocity.

Kinesis has been developed for the benefit of all.

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Employing the highest standards of digital security across blockchain networks and data storage technologies.

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Utilising the Stellar blockchain network with capabilities of +3,000 transactions per second and transaction confirmation.

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Offering a completely unique, multifaceted yield system, providing passive and active rewards for everyone who participates.

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Kinesis Debit

The Kinesis suite of currencies have been designed for use in the real world, by everyday people. We believe the Kinesis currencies will become a common global medium of exchange. For this to occur, there must be an easy and efficient way to utilise the currency. The Kinesis Debit Card will enable those who hold Kinesis to spend this precious metal-based currency with ease. Kinesis holders may also exchange Kinesis for other Fiat currency at will. A game changing digital monetary system, making precious metals available in everyday transactions once again.



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The Kinesis

The Kinesis Currencies will be launched in November 2018. Kinesis coins in the KAU and KAG currency systems are minted into existence as a representation of physical precious metals which bases the cryptocurrency 1:1. For example, 1g gold to 1 KAU and 10g Silver to 1 KAG. This suite of digital currencies will be created, minted and emitted from a unique wholesale marketplace developed and managed by Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX). Buyers of the wholesale blocks of Kinesis currencies, known as minters, enjoy a lifetime yield for their contribution.

1:1 Allocated Physical Gold & Silver

Stored and insured in independent third-party vaults, audited semi-annually

Kinesis ITO : stable cryptocurrency

Full direct legal title to the bullion is held by the owner

Kinesis ITO : stable cryptocurrency

Physical redemption available

Kinesis ITO : stable cryptocurrency

Bullion sourced from ABX-approved refineries

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Kinesis ITO : stable cryptocurrency

Semi-annual third-party holding audits

Kinesis ITO : stable cryptocurrency

Fully insured and stored in third-party vaults via ABX

Kinesis ITO : stable cryptocurrency

1 KAU : 1 gram of gold
1 KAG : 10 grams of silver

The Kinesis

The Kinesis wallet has been designed in-house with a very clean, easy to use interface. The Kinesis wallet was built to accommodate all the Kinesis currencies, making them easily accessible and convenient to manage in one place.

  • Transfer Kinesis to any other Kinesis account in the currency suite
  • Ability to name accounts, eliminating the need for lengthy account keys
  • Ability to save payees for repeated transfers or payments, making it a one-click process for future payments
  • An optional multi-signatory function to further secure transactions
  • A sign and verify feature to secure any Kinesis currency transfers between Kinesis wallet holders
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What makes

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Gold has long been known as an incredible store of value. By basing Kinesis currencies to physical precious metals, you can benefit from price stability.

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Kinesis attaches a highly unique and rewarding multi-faceted yield system that is incomparable to anything available.

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The Kinesis suite of digital currencies have been developed for ongoing use in everyday life across the world.

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A token which offers access to the Kinesis currency pre-ICO benefits and provides exposure to an aggregated 20% share across the network.

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Recruiters will receive a perpetual revenue share on all blockchain network transaction fees charged to the eWallets they recruit.

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The Kinesis suit of currencies can be spent in tangible purchases anywhere that offers payment through the use of a debit card.

The Kinesis

The token that rewards participants, proportionately to the growth of Kinesis Monetary System. To perpetuate growth of the Kinesis Monetary System, Kinesis have released the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT). KVT’s are limited to 300,000 only and holders of the KVT tokens will receive a 20% proportional share of the transaction fees from the Kinesis Monetary System. This will create an additional layer of income for token holders on top of the value of the token itself.

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) Initial Token Offering (ITO) offers an investor a onetime only opportunity to:


KVTs are in limited supply (300,000), with phased discounted rates applying. The earlier the investment, the greater the discount benefit is to investors.


KVT holders gain a 20% share of commissions generated in the Kinesis Commercial Centre throughout the lifetime of the token.


Kinesis Velocity Token holders receive a share in 20% of all aggregated transaction fees generated by the Kinesis currency suite infinitely.


Benefit from capital gains on the KVTs themselves in addition to admittance of the extraordinary pre-ITO benefits on offer for the Kinesis digital currency suite.

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Be a part of the financial revolution

If you believe that Kinesis has great potential and could be the monetary system of the future then KVTs provide the greatest exposure to Kinesis’ future success.

Stake your claim to the economic benefits of the monetary system of the future.

(859) 327-1951

To purchase KVTs you need an Ethereum ERC20 compatible eWallet. If you don’t have one already, click here to see our setup guide*

* There are many eWallets out there. It is the user’s responsibility to perform the necessary due diligence to select the best ERC20-compliant wallet for them.

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Token Type:
Bonus Rate:
2.5% ends 9th Sept 2018
Min. KVT Purchase:
Token Value:
1 KVT = $1,000 USD
Max. KVT Purchase:
Soft Cap:
Hard Cap:


38% Strategic Investment
24% Trading & Operations
20% Tech & Dev
10% Sales & Mktg
8% Licensing


70% Kinesis Community
Kinesis Pie Charts Kinesis Pie Charts
5% advisors
9% Founders & Management
3% Bounty Campaign
10% Reserve
3% ICO Marketing

WHY KINESIS? Read our documents

The Kinesis


Conceptualizing the ways humanity could return to the Gold Standard.

Mid 2017:

The build and completion of the proprietary Primary Marketplace environment.

Early-Mid 2018:

Launching the Kinesis Velocity Token.

The Kinesis ITO timeline

Early 2017:

Investigating smart-contract capabilities across multiple leading cryptocurrencies

Late 2017:

Development of both the unique and revolutionary Kinesis Currencies and Kinesis Velocity Token.

Early 2019:

The launch of Kinesis Currencies, whereby KAU is backed 1:1 by 1g of 99.99% pure physical gold and KAG by 10 grams of silver


realease-graph-REDESIGN_2 (2) KV T Pre-Sale Phase 2 15 Ma r ch 2018 15% Discount KV T Public Sale 10 September 2018 F ull Price KV T Pre-Sale Phase 5 1 May 2018 2.v5% Discount Kinesis Currency Public ICO Begins 1 Ma r ch 2019 P ost ICO Yield Rates KV T Pre-Sale Opens 14 Feb 2018 25% Discount KV T Pre-Sale Phase 3 1 April 2018 10% Discount KV T Pre-Sale Phase 4 15 April 2018 5% Discount Kinesis Currency Pre-ICO Begins 12 N o v 2018 Pre-ICO Yield Rates






Past Events Kinesis Road show events

13th June 2018


Check out our involvement at the 2018, CryptoCompare MJAC Blockchain Summit…

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Last Event Kinesis Road show events

June 30th 2018


This is Europe’s largest established business Blockchain event with over 12,000 blockchain enthusiasts in attendance, the Blockchain Expo is hosted in Amsterdam on 27-28 June 2018.

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Future Events Kinesis Road show events

July 31st 2018


Kinesis is attending the Wholesale Investor Advanced Technology and Crypto Convention.

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June 1st 2018

First webinar with CEO

1st of a series of interviews by CEO of Kinesis, Thomas Coughlin, introducing The Kinesis Monetary System and its currencies, as well as an overview of the Kinesis Velocity Token and its generous yield.

June 29th 2018

TF Metals Report

Listen to the TF metals podcast which features Tom Coughlin, CEO of Kinesis and Andrew Maguire, Executive team members, discuss changes in the precious metal markets and where Kinesis comes in as a solution to problems in the industry.

June 30th 2018

Liberty TalkFm

The Liberty Talk interview gives a more technical explanation into the Kinesis Monetary System as Andrew Maguire, Thomas Coughlin and host Todd Horwitz discuss how Kinesis is able to change the industry with a Blockchain overlay.

July 4th 2018

Crush the Street

Thomas Coughlin, CEO of Kinesis gives us a glimpse into the future of money and wealth as we discuss gold backed digital assets and how the new Kinesis cryptocurrency will merge the precious metal sector and Blockchain sector together like never before!


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