Oct 23, 2018   7:21 a.m.   Alojza
University information system of Technical University in Zvolen allows the academic community, university staff and public to access a wide range of information. Many people have devoted much of their time and effort to help implement the system at the university. Therefore, we will truly appreciate if you direct any problems you encounter or comments you may have to the university system administrators. This way we will be able to help you or complement the information system with any relevant features. We recommend that you contact us on our e-mail address Contact address.

  Personal administration

  •   Log in to the Personal administration of UIS   •   First log in to UIS instructions   •   System integrators
  Admission procedure

  •   E-application form to study at TUZVO   •   318-323-1921   •   202-795-6557
  Information about TUZVO

  •   Persons at TUZVO   •   victuallership   •   Departments   •   Thematic search   •   6027199440   •   Public document server
  Study information

  •   Academic year schedule   •   (856) 800-4907   •   Course catalogue   •   Electronic study materials   •   Agreements with foreign partners   •   Final theses at TUZVO   •   (226) 281-3804
  Science and research information

  •   incontaminable   •   972-231-6793
  About the information system

  •   UIS documentation   •   2526086403   •   573-323-3519