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A tidy and organized office
Because with a clean and practical work space, it is always easier to stay organized and work serenely every night. In other words, only one good resolution will flow all the others. Okay, it’s probably a bit optimistic, but it’s a good start, right? So take advantage of this back to tidy your office or that of your children and start the school year on the right foot. This quote sums up the situation well: “A place for everything and everything has its place”. So clever storage is available for all the equipment in our office to have it at hand easily and not to risk losing it. Documents, pens, envelopes, chargers, … everything is tidy.

For optimum work, it is essential to have an organized and tidy office. 


Simple and customized, this desk-mounted storage unit is ideal for a clean workspace

Several years ago, I had to make the compromise of taking an old dining room table as an office. Knowing that I spend at least 60% of my working time at my office and the rest outside, I let you imagine the mess when it comes to keep at hand catalogs, notebooks, color charts … Unfortunately, impossible to find a suitable storage element on the market!

I thus provided myself with a paper and a pencil to draw the small piece of furniture adapted to my corner work and to my needs. And in a jiffy, every thing finds its place, more lost time to search!

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The return feeling gently, we all want to tidy up, better organize us to restart the year. And the same goes for the children’s room, office included. Here’s how to create an office organizer with cereal boxes.Realization of the office organizer with boxes of cereals
Start by marking the front height of the first compartment of your organizer, according to your convenience.
Mark the rear height of the same compartment, on the back of the box, a little higher than for the front part.
Connect the two heights with a line of pencil on both sides of the box.
Close the top of the box and tape it.
Cut out the box according to the markings you made.
You get two parts. A higher, a lower: these are your first two compartments.
As my second box of cereals was narrower than the first, I used it in length. But you can save yourself this step (a little tedious) by using two boxes of the same width. So I scored my second box at the same width as the first, taking it the other way. I then cut, then inserted the small part into the big one, so as to get a box of the right width. I then closed and taped the top, as for the first box.
Take the second box of cereals and cut it to obtain a lower part, which can be used for tape, gum, etc.
With the wide tape, secure all three parts together, from the largest to the smallest.
The organizer is now formed. It only remains to decorate it with the printed paper: cut it to the dimensions of each part and stick it, taking care to spread the glue well to prevent it from curling.
Finish your office organizer by cutting 3 or 4 rolls of toilet paper at a lower height than the middle compartment. Decorate them with printed paper, they will serve you as pencil holders. Glue the rollers.