If you have the following code, what does it return? async function get() { return "something"; } If you said, it returns a string, then you are wrong. Its a Promise. To … »


So last night about 11:30pm PST, as I lie awake trying to get to sleep for the last 45 minutes (I don't get to sleep too easily), I heard … »

No More Javascript!

Ok, I'm just joking about that. Javascript will never die. Its too late to kill it, but there are some alternatives for programming the front-end. Lets take a look at … »


Really simple, the morale of the story is don't put your try/catch on one line. Even though the following does compile: _encodeParam = (str) -> try encodeURIComponent(str) catch … »

Javascript: splice

Ok, (ranting time) so is this the worst name for a function? MDN starts the description: "The splice() method changes the contents of an array by removing existing elements and/ … »

Javascript: partial application

I guess from that title, its not exactly intuitive to what that means. How about if say partial function application? Does that make it more clear? Anyways, the short of … »

My background

This isn't my resume, but more like a statement of where my career started and where it's been and maybe I'll say something about where its going. I started with …Chateau hautbrion

finger board

Caches are notoriously difficult to implement correctly. I've done it a few times for work-related projects and I think each time there was at least one problem. Ideally I would … »


So when trying to solve a problem its important to apply scope orrectly. Don't try to solve everything. Just solve the problem at hand and maybe follow the motto: Fail … »

Get/Set in Javascript (ES6)

Javascript get/set for ES6 (or Ecmascript2015 if you prefer) is an under used feature. Some people it seems really do not like the use of it. I think it … »